Mojo Rawley Explains Why Some NXT Stars Have No Desire To Go To Main Roster


Mojo Rawley gave some interesting comments

WWE star Mojo Rawley spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News to talk about a wide range of topics including the changes with NXT

For years, NXT was considered as a developmental system and to a certain degree it still is, but with the brand coming to network television, many people believe it’s now a third brand. 

This is something that Rawley talked about how he thinks the unique style of NXT has made it possible for it to be upgraded to this platform.

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“Then, NXT was essentially a stepping stone, an opportunity to showcase what you’ve got with the only goal to get to the main roster.

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Now, there’s guys on NXT that have no desire to move to RAW or SmackDown because a lot of people don’t consider moving to RAW or SmackDown a vertical move anymore. A lot of people now consider it a horizontal move.”

Rawley also noted in this interview that NXT has a different style and that could be a fit for others. That fact has only been shown on a smaller stage on the WWE Network.

However, that will change once NXT will be on a bigger platform as it airs on prime time television.

NXT TV will premiere on the USA Network on Wednesday, September 18th and will be expanded to a 2-hour live broadcast.