Update On Killer Kross/Impact Situation


Killer Kross and Impact Wrestling continue to be at odds with one another regarding the contract Kross publicly asked to be released from this spring. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the conflict between the two sides has continued and might be impacting Kross’ bookings with AAA as well.

The report noted that Kross was offered a guaranteed deal of $40,000 a year for limited dates and he would be able to take other bookings as well. The stalemate between the two sides is that Kross feels he could be making more money working elsewhere and Impact feels he should live up to the deal he signed.

“(Kross’) belief is right now he could make far more outside and wants to leave. Impact’s view is that he signed a deal and should live up to the deal,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

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The conflict is a little trickier than just Kross’ situation, however. Kross went public asking for a release and while he didn’t obtain one for himself, his partner Scarlett Bordeaux was granted one. Bordeaux has since been spotted receiving a tryout at the WWE Performance Center.

Killer Kross and Upcoming AAA/Impact Show At Hulu Theatre

According to a report from PW Insider, Kross refused to blade at this summer’s Slammiversary PPV in a First Blood match as there were no outside medical personnel or pre-match testing. They used stage blood in the match as a result.

While Kross was never officially scheduled for the AAA show at Hulu Theatre later this month, there is now the belief that with Impact co-promoting the show Kross will not be booked despite being with AAA. Meltzer is reporting that Kross was at one time pencilled in to be on the show although it had not been publicly announced.

“It’s not clear if he’ll be off the card but he absolutely was scheduled to be one of Cain Velasquez’s opponents so if he’s not on the card, that’s the story, and if he is, AAA booked him anyway,” wrote Dave Meltzer.