Gangrel Comments On Wrestling Orange Cassidy


Gangrel recently talked about his match with Orange Cassidy.

The dream match of Orange Cassidy vs Gangrel took place this summer at an event for Game Changer Wrestling and Black Label Pro. Gangrel recently appeared on the WINCLY podcast and spoke about his experience working with Cassidy.

“I didn’t know what to think,” Gangrel said of his first impression of Cassidy. “I had gotten a ton of messages from older wrestlers saying, ‘[My trainer] Boris Malenko would be rolling over in his grave. This guy is a joke.’ At the same time I’m thinking what did I do as a vampire [laughs]?”

“If I go and beat him up then it’s never gonna get over. I said the only way this is gonna work is if I do a comedy match with him. There was nothing else I could do on that card as there was no other option,” Gangrel continued.

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“There’s so much silly stuff in wrestling – with Hornswoggle being Vince’s son and Kane with the dead body – how can you be mad at anything? It takes courage to go out there and do something and it works for him. Bless his heart and go make money while you can. Figure out an outlet and which way you’re gonna go…Be fun about it and he’s a great guy and I wish him the most success.”

Gangrel also talks about working a guest coaching position at the WWE PC, his wrestling school and more. The full podcast can be listened to in the player below: