Watch Adam Copeland’s Brood Entrance At AEW Double Or Nothing – Gangrel Joins Him

Adam Copeland, a WWE Hall of Famer, signed with AEW after a notable career that included memorable character work and his breakthrough with The Brood. The WWE stable, consisting of Edge (Copeland), Christian, and Gangrel, has long been defunct. Copeland wanted to revive the faction during his last WWE run, but it was rejected.

At AEW Double or Nothing, Copeland introduced a new entrance featuring “The Brood” on the screen and music similar to their original theme, a trademark not owned by WWE. This moment was well-received by fans in Las Vegas.

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In the match’s closing moments, Gangrel appeared just as the House of Black was about to execute Copeland, who was positioned with a crown of barbed wire around his head and arms outstretched. The Vampire Warrior intervened and laid out the House of Black, allowing Copeland to secure the win.

After the match, Copeland and Gangrel celebrated on the entrance ramp, marking a reunion of sorts for the former Brood members. Despite his absence from WWE, Copeland showed he remains a strong performer, canceling a two-day event in Germany to appear at Double or Nothing.

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Gangrel’s appearance was a significant highlight, and it remains to be seen if he will make more appearances for AEW. Fans appreciated seeing him in Las Vegas, adding a nostalgic element to the event.