Luke Harper Claims He Was Threatened With Fine By WWE


Luke Harper went public

Luke Harper made an interesting claim on Twitter in the bio section on his account. 

Part of the bio reads that WWE threatened to fine him but it’s cool to have NXT cuss on Twitter. As of this writing, his bio still reads like that. You can see a screenshot here: 

Luke Harper

This isn’t the first time that Harper has expressed not being happy with the company, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to many fans.

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Just last month, he took issue with the fact that WWE still hasn’t released merchandise for him despite being with the company for seven years. 

Luke Harper Takes Issue With WWE Merchandise

His contract with the company is slated to expire in November, but WWE could extend it due to time that he missed because of injury. 

It’s been reported that WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon does not see any value in Harper and that was the reason he was being paid to stay at home. 

That all changed once Erick Rowan was put into a program with Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. According to reports, this is the reason that Harper was brought back and paired with Rowan as they needed a tag team partner for Rowan.