Madusa Reveals Details Regarding Twitter Feud With Lacey Evans


Madusa recently opened up about her Twitter rivalry with Lacey Evans.

Madusa was recently involved in a Twitter back-and-forth with Lacey Evans. According to comments the WWE Hall-of-Famer made recently on the WINCLY podcast, WWE asked her and Evans to scale back what they were doing, however.

“Lacey and I were having fun in DMs on the back side. What’s really nice is you’re gonna get very respectful people talking on the DMs saying, ‘Hey are you good with this’ before you put it out. I’m sure there’s a lot of that on the other side with WWE because they would not let that happen,” said Madusa on the show.

Evidently, WWE asked Lacey and Madusa to scale it back since it would not end up leading to a match.

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“Lacey’s an amazing woman and has to be one of the hardest workers. She is beautiful, talented and has a big future in front of her. I idolize her and think she’s amazing. When we were going back and forth, we were just having fun. Then it got to the point where we had to scale it back because we’re not gonna go into a program.”

WWE said you need to scale back and quit that,” she continued. “There is a lot of control there with the talent and I’m sure they watch all of that stuff. But what’s more important is separating your personal life from your character.”

The full interview can be listened to in the player below: