MLW Fusion Results & 7 Takeaways (2/15/20)


MLW Fusion 2/15/20 was produced by the members of the Dynasty.

Major League Wrestling presented a special episode of Fusion this week on BeIN Sports and YouTube. As per an agreement with Richard Holliday’s lawyer/father, the Dynasty was put in charge of producing this week’s show from Dallas.

MLW Fusion 2/15/20 Quick Results:

  1. Gino Medina defeated Septimo Dragon
  2. National Openweight Championship
    Alexander Hammerstone (c) defeated Septimo Dragon w/Konnan
  3. MLW Tag Team Championships
    Ross & Marshall Von Erich (c) defeated MJF & Richard Holliday (the Dynasty)

The Von Erichs Win Big In Texas

This week’s episode of Fusion was filmed in Dallas and this Texas crowd loved the Von Erichs. The NYTEX Sports Centre looked to be a standing room only crowd and they were all cheering for Ross and Marshall as they took on MJF and Richard Holliday. This was the Dynasty’s contractually obligated title rematch after having dropped the belts to the Von Erichs at Saturday Night SuperFight last November.

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The Dynasty used every dirty tactic they could think of including attacking the brothers before the bell. Near the end of the match, with all competitors down on the mat, Hammerstone came out to cause some interference. He was followed by Mance Warner, however, who found a way into the building after having been banned by the Dynasty. Warner hit Hammerstone with a chair shot and then began brawling with Gino Medina, who came out as well.

With the outside interference fended off, the Von Erichs hit the Claw Slam for the victory and the live crowd went crazy!

Mance Warner Evades Dynasty’s Security

Mance Warner played a big role in helping the Von Erichs retain their titles in the main event this week. He was not even supposed to be in the building, however. The Dynasty had Warner banned but Warner found a way in regardless. The Dynasty had Gorgon posted outside to prevent Warner from entering but after Warner offered the big man a few light beers, Gorgon noted that MJF is “an asshole” and allowed Warner to enter the building and make the big save in the main event.

Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini Disrespect The Dallas Sportatorium Grounds

Since episodes of Fusion began to be taped from Dallas, Tom Lawlor and his Team Filthy stablemate Dominic Garrini have been featured in spoof episodes of TV’s “Dallas.” This week, Lawlor and Garrini warned the Von Erichs not to “piss away” their time as tag champs and then motioned as if they were going to urinate on the hallowed grounds of the Dallas Sportatorium, though the camera cut away before they did.

Gino Medina Defeats Septimo Dragon

The newest member of the Dynasty, Gino Medina, would kick things off on this week’s Dynasty produced version of Fusion. Medina joined the Dynasty after turning down Konnan’s offer of mentorship and then joining his new stablemates in an attack on the legend. This week, Konnan recruited Septimo Dragon to take on Medina. Dragon would give him all he had but Medina was able to take advantage of his ring positioning at the end of the match, using the ropes for leverage as he got a 3-count from a small package.

The Dynasty kept on the attack after the match, even unmasking Septimo in the process. Konnan would run-in with a slapjack to make the save.

Alexander Hammerstone Resorts To Underhanded Tactics Against Aerostar

Konnan was on commentary for this match and continued to build up the rivalry between him and the Dynasty. Hammerstone had a significant power advantage during this match and made use of this fact often. Aerostar began countering much of Hammerstone’s high-impact offense, however, and that may have led the big man to panic. He opted to rip the mask off Aerostar and roll him up for a quick pin rather than win in a more honorable fashion. Konnan took Aerostar to the back while covering his face with a towel.

Coming Up In MLW

Jacob Fatu will defend the MLW World Championship against CIMA in 3 weeks:

MLW is continuing to promote its upcoming working relationship with Dragongate:

Zachary Cooper has just signed with the league:

Killer Kross will debut with the promotion soon. Kross took part in the Philadelphia tapings before signing with WWE recently:

The promotion returns to Chicago in April:

Erick Stevens is coming to MLW:

Next Week On MLW

Next week’s episode will be the last from the Dallas tapings. It will feature Ross Von Erich vs Tom Lawlor, Erick Stevens will make his MLW debut against Douglas James and King Mo returns!