MLW’s Court Bauer Calls Running Events During Pandemic “Grotesque”


MLW's Court Bauer spoke about not running events during the pandemic in a recent interview.

Major League Wrestling won’t be running any live events until there is no risk to wrestlers, employees, or the general public from doing so. In a recent interview with Entrepreneur, MLW‘s Court Bauer referred to other promotions filming content at this time as “grotesque.”

“I’ll say this succinctly: That my competitors are putting on events in empty arenas and exposing their talent, crews, staffs and families to the potential [of] contracting the coronavirus I think is, frankly, grotesque,” Bauer said during the interview.

Asked about his call not to run events during the pandemic, Bauer stated it was not a difficult decision.

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“I have to do the right thing for the people in my company. It’s kind of the easiest decision I’ve ever made managing this company. There’s no discussion. This is what you do. And I sleep great at night.”

Currently on MLW Fusion, the promotion is airing matches filmed in Tijuana on March 13th. The company has no plans to produce more content until it is safe to do so.

Bauer also said during the interview that MLW has a 16-month strategy for programming mapped out. He would continue to say that his company has produced 3-models based on when they could return.

“We have three models: one that would have us return in the summer, one in the fall and one 18 months from now,” Bauer said.

“I have an incredible team with a financial background that helps us navigate this. We don’t have the substantial overhead that a lot of companies have, and our revenue’s very strong and steady.”

Bauer would continue to talk about how the ongoing situation will likely change the landscape of pro-wrestling. Live events might not be as essential to wrestling companies as they once were.

“Live TV is exciting, but is it essential and necessary to operate in 2020 and beyond? I think people should rethink that. And if you’re a company built on promoting events weekly, this kind of disruption might cause you to pause and think: What if this happens again?”

The full interview with Entrepreneur Media can be found here.