We Now Know How The TNT Championship Will Impact AEW’s Rankings


AEW will crown the first TNT Champion this Saturday night at Double or Nothing.

Cody will battle Lance Archer in the finals of the championship tournament to determine which man’s name will be etched in the history books as the inaugural champion. Boxing legend “Iron” Mike Tyson will be on hand to present the new title belt to the winner.

Cody is currently ranked #1 in AEW‘s Men’s Singles division. Lance Archer is ranked #2.

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Until this week, AEW had yet to address how the new TNT Championship will affect the weekly rankings. Will there be separate rankings for the World Championship and the TNT Championship, or will the top 5 rankings cover both prizes?

TNT Championship’s Impact on AEW Rankings

AEW fan @LoneJobber posed this question to AEW President Tony Khan on Monday. Khan acknowledged this was a good question and shed some light on the situation. According to Tony Khan, AEW will maintain the same singular Top 5 rankings format once the TNT Championship is introduced. The two champions will be ranked atop the Top 5.

Expect to hear more about the rules governing the AEW TNT Championship in the weeks ahead. We will soon find out if the TNT title has different stipulations than the AEW World Championship, such as the champion being required to defend the gold on television under certain time restraints (ie. every week, every month, etc.).