Impact Results (7/28) The Good Brothers Make In-Ring Debut


Impact Wrestling 7/28 was the second show since the company began its new era at Slammiversary. The show kicked off with Eddie Edwards making his first title defense against Trey and would conclude with the Good Brothers making their in-ring debut.

Impact Results (7/28)

  1. Impact World Championship
    Eddie Edwards (c) defeated Trey
  2. Wrestle House Match
    Acey Romero defeated Crazzy Steve
  3. Deonna Purrazzo defeated Kimber Lee
  4. Wrestle House Match
    Cousin Jake defeated Cody Deaner
  5. The Good Brothers defeated Reno Scum

Here are 8 takeaways from Impact Wrestling 7/28:

The Good Brothers, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton Brawl To End The Show

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After being attacked by Reno Scum last week, The Good Brothers made their in-ring Impact debut against the punk-rock team from Nevada this week. Ace Austin would come out and sit on the stage to watch the match.

The Good Brothers picked up the win with a Magic Killer. After the match, however, both Ace Austin and Madman Fulton attacked. The brawl spilled to the back and then to the very parking lot where Reno Scum attacked Anderson and Gallows last week. The show concluded with Gallows booting Fulton into the camera.

EC3 Wants To Destroy His Past

A video featuring EC3 was shown this week on Impact. In the video, the former TNA World Champion says he’s not coming back home, he’s coming to destroy his past.

“The things I had to do to become who I am are the things I have to re-evaluate. I have to face them head-on. I don’t fear my past anymore. My past is my biggest foe and I am here for the destruction of my past,” he said on the show.

Eric Young Stares Down Eddie Edwards

Impact Wrestling kicked off this week with a world title match between new champion Eddie Edwards and Trey from the Rascalz. Trey picked up a near-fall by countering a tiger driver but this seemed to only motivate the new champ. Edwards landed a lariat, tiger driver, and Boston Knee Party in succession to pick up the win.

After the match, a new returnee to the promotion Eric Young walked down the ramp and stared down Edwards. Young faked like he was going to get in the ring but then backed away. As he left, Young said that he’d take on Edwards when he decides.

Jordynne Grace Attacks Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna Purrazzo faced Kimber Lee in a non-title clash this week. Much like she did at Slammiversary, the Virtuoso used her submission skills to gain the victory.

After the match, former champion Jordynne Grace marched to the ring with her arm in a sling. As she faced down Purrazzo, however, she took off the sling and delivered a takedown to the champion. Purrazzo eventually escaped Grace’s attack and hightailed it out of the ring.

Sami Callihan Ruins Katie Forbes’ New Website

Backstage this week, Katie Forbes confused Sami Callihan with a fan who walked backstage and attempted to have him kicked out of the building. Later in the show, Katie Forbes came out to debut a series of new photos for her website. Callihan managed to hack into the photos, however, and cropped his head onto all her pictures. This infuriated Forbes and RVD. It also will likely lead to a feud between Callihan and the legend from ECW.

Wrestle House Debuts!

Wrestle House debuted this week and even led to two matches. It was revealed that the house is an investment property of Tommy Dreamer’s and he seems to be serving as host to some degree.

Taya attempted to leave the house but when she opened the door there were flames, fire, and Abyss holding a bag of thumbtacks. Some jokes were made regarding where Abyss is nowadays.

The Deaners and Team XXXL seem to have declared a truce with each other at the urging of Susie while in the house.

It was revealed that there are only 6 bedrooms in the house which led to a match between Acey Romero and Crazzy Steve with Kylie Rae as the ref. The two wrestlers both wanted to sleep in the ring but only the winner of the match would be granted the right to do so. Romero picked up the win and the right to sleep in the ring.

Later in the show, Cousin Jake defeated Cody Deaner in a match meant to solve the mystery of who was snoring throughout the night.

Heath Can Earn An Impact Contract By Defeating Moose

Moose was shown backstage this week with his TNA World Championship belt. He was confronted by Heath, who in storyline is still not signed to the promotion. Scott D’Amore informed Heath that if he can defeat Moose next week, he’ll be signed to a contract.

The Motor City Machine Guns Want To Prove They Are The Best, The North Want Their Titles Back

A video featuring the Motor City Machine Guns was shown this week. They said they want to prove they are the best tag-team out there. Meanwhile, the team they beat for the titles, The North, cut a promo saying they plan on regaining the titles after cashing in their rematch clause.