Speculation On Why WWE Is Holding Payback A Week After SummerSlam


Could RETRIBUTION take over SummerSlam?

WWE has made the strange decision to hold this year’s Payback PPV on August 30, just a week after their second-biggest PPV of the year in SummerSlam, leaving fans wondering about the reason behind this call.

Dave Meltzer talked about this schedule recently and the wrestling journalist mentioned that it’s “just an experiment to see how it works.”

Meltzer speculates that the officials have an idea for a major angle coming out of the SummerSlam PPV which will require an immediate follow up with the Payback event.

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One of the top rumors about the major angle is that RETRIBUTION will invade the PPV and interfere with a big match, leading to the stars uniting against the faction and getting their payback at the PPV of the same name.

The idea stems from an angle on this week’s episode of Raw which saw the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre trying to unite the locker room against the group in a backstage segment.

There is also a belief that holding two special events in a row is just a way to saturate the PPV market and potentially hurt the buys for AEW‘s All Out PPV which will take place just 6 days after Payback on September 5.

Though whether or not any of the speculations turn out to be true will be revealed this Sunday and it will be interesting to see if RETRIBUTION gets involved with the show in any way.