Indianapolis To Host 2025 Royal Rumble, Future WrestleMania & SummerSlam Events

Indianapolis is making history in WWE as Triple H made a major announcement regarding WWE tentpole PLE plans in the future.

WWE released a video of Triple H and Pat McAfee revealing that the company will be making stops at Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis not just for Royal Rumble this February but they’re on tap down the line for SummerSlam and even WrestleMania

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With SummerSlam happening in Cleveland, one could assume that Indianapolis will be on the agenda for that specific PLE to take place in 2025. As for WrestleMania, it’s possible that Indianapolis would host WrestleMania 43 in 2027 as WrestleMania 41 will go down in Las Vegas and WrestleMania 42 will happen in Minneapolis.

Serendipituosly enough, WWE Raw this Monday will take place in Indianapolis and McAfee has already had an interesting week when it comes to his WWE encounters. Not only was McAfee in attendence to witness the debut of The Wyatt Sicks, but the new creepy faction has interrupted the feed of The Pat McAfee Show on numerous occassions.

Raw has some matches in store for Indy as Chad Gable will take on Braun Strowman and Bronson Reed in hopes of qualifying for Money In The Bank and Karrion Kross will face Kofi Kingston as Kross has been needling Kofi for stealing the spotlight in The New Day.

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