Eric Bischoff Talks Why He “Didn’t Really Like” WarGames


The former WCW President talks why he wasn't a massive fan of WarGames

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff recently discussed one of the company’s most iconic match types. War Games began in National Wrestling Alliance and later World Championship Wrestling; the two ring cage match created some of the greatest matches and moments from WCW circa the late eighties/early nineties.

Eric Bicshoff on WarGames

Bischoff would admit that he actually wasn’t a fan of the concept…sort of. “I didn’t really like the concept…Well, let me be clear. Sometimes I talk faster than I should! It’s not that I didn’t like the concept, the conceit, the idea, the ideation, if you will of WarGames. It was kind of cool, it kind of makes sense.”

Eric Bischoff would then discuss the wider implications of the match, saying how whilst WarGames was ‘cool,’ it didn’t have the same importance as the likes of a Royal Rumble in the rival promotion. “You pointed out (co-host Conrad Thompson) for example the Royal Rumble, and how that became a tentpole event for WWE. I think one of the reasons for it is because of the outcome of Royal Rumble sets the stage of what’s going to happen for the next six or eight months. Theoretically it used to, more so than it does today.”

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“Wargames didn’t have that element” Bischoff continued. “It was a spectacle. It was different, it was very unique in its own way. But that alone I don’t think made WarGames really that viable. And since it wasn’t the pay per view (Fall Brawl) that kind of helped set the tone for what was going to come? It was really, I hate to say it, it was…it was just another pay per view.”

Eric Bischoff would finish by re-stating that point, saying how WarGames was ‘just another match’ in the grand scheme of things. “That was unique in the format, because it was WarGames. But regardless of what happened in WarGames? Other than ending some storylines and beginning others? It was just another pay per view, but it was another pay per view that was pretty cool, because it was unique.”

Do you agree with Eric Bischoff? What was your favourite WarGames match? Let us know in the comments