WWE Declined RZA’s Offer To Remix Batista’s Theme For Free In 2014, CM Punk Reacts


Batista shared this interesting gem

Batista’s return to WWE in 2014 could’ve been different in one aspect if WWE actually signed off on an interesting idea. 

It turns out that the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion wanted to update his theme music. For several years during his career, he used Saliva’s “I Stand Alone.”

The change to the music in 2014 would’ve seen some input by the Wu-Tang Clan as RZA planned to add some lyrics to his theme music. 

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In fact, RZA was willing to do it for free. However, as Batista tells it, WWE decided against it. As result, it only furthered frustrated him. 

“Here’s some cool background shit for ya! My homie @rza from @WuTangClan was going to add some lyrics to my music to give it an updated feel when I went back in 2014… FOR FREE!!!! And the @WWE said NO. Just another one of my frustrations of the 2014 shit show if a return.”

Batista made his return before the 2014 Royal Rumble event where he won the rumble match and eventually lost to Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match that also featured Randy Orton

He stayed around for a few more months before deciding to leave again to further pursue his acting career. 

CM Punk, who is friends with Batista, gave his reaction, as seen below: 

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