Arn Anderson Talks Linda McMahon’s Backstage Influence in WWE


The Enforcer talks how Linda McMahon treats staff backstage at WWE

Former WWE Agent and AEW on-screen Coach Arn Anderson recently discussed the Hell In a Cell 2010 PPV. This was part of the ARN podcast and their ongoing look at the landscape in WWE from a decade ago.

One of the topics that co-host Conrad Thompson brought up was former WWE CEO Linda McMahon. Linda is arguably the least talked about member of the McMahon family over the past few years; with Shane, Vince and Stephanie having more prominent roles on WWE programming.

Arn Anderson would reveal that whilst Linda McMahon didn’t have ‘deep’ knowledge of the wrestling industry from a booking/creative standpoint? She was a calming and positive influence backstage with the company.

Arn Anderson on Linda McMahon

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“I just think she’s a nice person, you know” Arn Anderson would begin on the podcast. “As far as the inner workings of the business? I don’t think she could sit down and tell you how to book a live event, and what names to put down across from each other you know? What matches take place after intermission and what to began with etc.”

“She didn’t know the nuts and bolts of the business” Arn would continue. “But she comes in and she is who she is. She makes a nice impression and she treats everybody like they’re human beings. There’s not this wide economic gap between you and her, you don’t feel that when you’re talking to her.”

Linda McMahon was named by the Trump administration as the Administrator of the Small Business Administration in 2017, McMahon left the role in 2019 to be officially named Chairwoman of America First Action.

Do you have fond memories of Linda McMahon on WWE television? Let us know in the comments if you’d like to see her back in the company