Bobby Lashley On Why He Was Given Certain Storylines Since WWE Return


Hurt Business member Bobby Lashley has reflected on why he believes WWE put him into uncomfortable storylines following his return to the company.

Hurt Business member Bobby Lashley has opened up about participating in uncomfortable storylines since he returned to WWE.

Joining Corey Graves for his WWE podcast After the Bell, Lashley explained that he had to figure out “why” he was being chosen for these storylines. He believed it came down to two things.

According to him, WWE wanted people to hate him and also wanted to loosen him up as a performer.

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“For me, I had to figure out the why. A lot of times people don’t want to figure out the why,” Lashley explained. “I think part of the why for me is when I came back, they wanted people to hate me. But also, I think it’s just getting me to loosen up a little bit.”

He explained how he had been wrestling for so long and that he had always been a “[…] shut up and train type of person.” He typically wanted his hard work and actions to speak for him.

According to Lashley, he was always happy being a workhouse and was a naturally quiet person. However, when he came back to WWE, he believed the promotion wanted to “[…] embarrass him enough to break out of his shell.”

Prior to joining The Hurt Business, Bobby Lashley was involved in a controversial storyline including Lana and former WWE Superstar Rusev. The storyline would unfortunately see Lashley receive online hate to the point he received death threats