Brodie Lee Reveals He Wasn’t Originally Going To Win The TNT Championship


Brodie Lee talks about his AEW debut and more on the one year anniversary of AEW Dynamite

Brodie Lee has had a successful stint in AEW so far which includes leading his own group filled with many talented stars in the Dark Order and a run with the TNT title as well.

However, during a recent interview with AEW Unrestricted podcast, the former WWE star talked about his title run and revealed that he wasn’t originally going to win the belt.

The Dark Order leader claimed that the original plans did not call for him to have a run with the belt and Brodie Lee explained why he tries not to know too much about the plans for his future:

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“I believe that the original plan was for me to not become TNT Champion, I’m kind of not privy to the ins and outs, the nuts and bolts of it all, probably because I don’t want to be.

Because if I get a thought in my head, I become quickly married to it, and then if something changes, I go insane. So, I try not to know too much about what’s supposed to happen and kind of just live in the moment.”

While the former WWE star did not reveal the reason for the change in plans, it was likely influenced by the fact that Cody had to take time off to film the STARZ Heels series with Stephen Amell.

Apart from this, Brodie Lee also talked about the original plans for his debut being altered due to the coronavirus pandemic, leading the Dark Order and more.