Christian Says That WWE Backstage Was a “Victim of Circumstance”


Captain Charisma talks why WWE Backstage was a hit on the FOX Network

Former WWE/TNA Superstar and multiple time World Champion Christian recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. Christian appeared on the show to discuss the release of the new Cagefighter movie.

Christian also discussed a number of other topics, including the now cancelled WWE Backstage show. Captain Charisma suggested that the show was actually a hit on FOX Network, and that it was the COVID-19 pandemic that derailed the programme.

Christian on WWE Backstage

“I don’t think it went awry, I think it was like any new show? It’s a work in progress” Christian began on Busted Open. “I mean even like equating it back to the Edge & Christian show, I didn’t like the first half of that first season. It took trial and error to see what it was that fit, and a show like that hadn’t really been done before.”

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“It didn’t get cancelled because of ratings” Christian continued discussing WWE Backstage. “If that’s what people thought. The ratings? They’re (FOX) actually really happy with the ratings. Ratings were actually very strong. Whatever was in that time slot before Backstage, did a fraction of the ratings that Backstage did.”

Christian would also confirm that the periphery elements of the show proved that it was indeed a hit on the network. “And then also the replay. Oftentimes it would do just as, if not very close, to the original rating. Then the obviously the YouTube views, and the social media views. It was a really well watched show actually. So, you can’t just go off that that number of that first viewing, there was more to it than that.”

The former WWE Superstar would confirm that it was indeed the pandemic that put the sword to the show. “It was just a victim of circumstance, of the kind of time that we’re living in right now. And it was unfortunate and we hate to see anybody, you know, get put out of work for any reason at all. It’s tough.”

Do you agree with Christian? Do you think that WWE Backstage worked as a format? Let us know in the comments