Gangrel Reveals Which AEW Star Was Originally Supposed To Get Christian’s Spot In The Brood


Edge was apparently responsible for bringing Christian into the group

The Brood was a staple of the Attitude Era and the group helped launch the careers of both Edge and Christian. However, the leader of the group Gangrel recently revealed that the latter wasn’t originally going to be a part of the stable.

The Attitude Era star recently joined Chris Van Vliet for an interview on his YouTube channel where he talked about things like the formation of the group, their theme music and more.

During the interview, Gangrel was asked if the intention of the stable was always to launch the career of Edge. Replying to it, the wrestling veteran confirmed the theory and went on to praise the Rated R Superstar:

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“Absolutely, 100 percent. They told me from day one it was to help bring Edge in and get around. He was just a great human being; there’s something special about him. There’s a lot of people.

You’ll go through the world and meet a tremendous amount of people, and shake a lot of hands, and you’ll meet a handful of people that are just really good people, and he’s a really good person.”

Gangrel also revealed that Christian wasn’t originally going to be a part of the group: “Edge brought him in [through the] back door to go, that was supposed to be [Christopher] Daniels’ spot,”

Apart from this, the former WWE star talked about things like being part of the WWE roster during the Attitude Era, their feud with the Ministry of Darkness and more. You can check out his full interview below: