Kevin Nash On Which Current Star Would Fit In nWo


Kevin Nash has an interesting pick for current day nWo member

The nWo is one of the most impactful factions in the history of the wrestling business and even to this day, people discuss the possibility of a modern-day version of the group.

Kevin Nash, who was one of the original three members of the group was recently interviewed on The Hashtag show where he talked about many different things.

During the interview, the former WWE star was asked which current female star he would want in the early version of nWo and the former champion took the name of ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks:

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“Gotta be Sasha … I thought her match at SummerSlam that she lost; I thought the psychology was amazing at the end.” said Kevin Nash “I mean, there was some thought put into it. There were several times she had her in the, ‘Is she gonna tap, no she doesn’t tap.’

And they just worked it back and forth. And I thought, ‘I’m not seeing that anywhere else.’ I mean, I’m seeing it here, I’m seeing it in her match. And she’s, you know, she’s very attractive. I mean, that goes without saying. But she has that swag, you know. She’s the total package.”

Nash also explained the importance of a wrestler’s theme music saying that it’s the first thing that gets a reaction from the crowd when you are having a match.

Which current female star from WWE do you think would be the right fit for nWo? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below