Lillian Garcia On The Advice She Received From Vince McMahon


Lillian Garcia will be returning to WWE with her podcast

Lillian Garcia spent more than a decade in WWE as a ring announcer and during her time, the female star received some interesting advice from the Boss Vince McMahon.

The former WWE announcer recently appeared on WWE‘s The Bump to promote the return of her Chasing Glory podcast which will now be broadcasted on the WWE Network from next Monday.

During the interview, Garcia discussed a number of things and she also revealed the advice she received from Vince McMahon after she had made a mistake:

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“One of the things I remember about Vince is him telling me not to take myself too seriously, I would be so into wanting to be perfect; if something didn’t go right, I would beat myself up. I remember I was in the back and he came up to me – I didn’t realize I messed up on something.

When he told me about it, I started to tear up.” recalled Lillian Garcia “He told me, ‘Hey Lil, relax. I just want to make you better, so I’m going to give you some advice.’ That really did stick with me. I started taking things less personally.”

Apart from this, the former MMA announcer also talked about her WWE return. She said that it’s just awesome to be coming back home and claimed that her show has been a labour of love for her.

Lillian Garcia also talked about things like where the inspiration for her show came from and more. You can check out her full interview in the video below: