Mustafa Ali Reacts To WWE Scrapping Retribution Segment From Raw


This isn't the first time WWE has nixed an announced Retribution segment

WWE had announced a number of segments for this week’s episode of Raw and one of them included Mustafa Ali addressing the WWE Universe after being revealed as the leader of Retribution.

However, the segment never took place during the broadcast of the episode and fans were left wondering about the group as they did not make an appearance anywhere else in the show either.

Though the new stable was mentioned during the show and they were drafted to Raw as a group. They were chosen as the first picks during the third round.

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Mustafa Ali apparently reacted to this change in schedule on Twitter and the Retribution leader made a tweet during the third hour of the show.

He also commented on Retribution being drafted to Raw during the draft. He tweeted a menacing message, “Why invite demise to your door?”

There is no word yet on why the company nixed the announced Retribution segments but the last time WWE unexpectedly removed mentions of the group on their programming, it was because of a COVID-19 outbreak in the company.

Now it would be interesting to see if the group returns to WWE TV next week and if the nixed segment takes place during the upcoming episode of Raw.