Peyton Royce On Life After The IIconics: “It’s So Strange”


Peyton Royce recently spoke to Kayla Braxton for her Braxton Beat online show. During the discussion, Royce spoke about WWE‘s decision to break up the popular IIconics tag tam.

Royce admitted that she is still adjusting to the abrupt split. The two of them got called up to the main roster at the same time and this is the first time they’ve worked on different brands.

“It’s so strange,” she said. “I’ve never had to be at TVs without her. She keeps me sane. She’s just like my safety blanket and I’m not going to have that and I’m going to have to put on my panties and work it out for myself.”

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“So we both have our phones ready to go on Mondays and Fridays if we need anything, just emotional support or anything. So we’re pretty much both working Mondays and Fridays.”

After years working as part of a tag team, Peyton Royce now finds herself as a singles competitor. She again said it’s a “strange” situation that she will have to get used to.

“The singles division is completely different to the women’s tag team division. I know it’s the same for the men, too, but there are so many people who, you know, I will hopefully have the opportunity to get in the ring with now that I’m in the singles division. But again, it’s going to take some getting used to even just doing my entrance without her. It’s just strange.” 

You can watch Peyton Royce on Kayla Braxton’s show in the video player embedded below: