Update On Jeff Jarrett’s Lawsuit Against Anthem


Jeff Jarrett has requested a new trial in his suit against Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

Jeff Jarrett’s lawsuit against Anthem Sports and Entertainment continues to drag through the Tennessee court system. The suit is related to the failed merger of Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling and Impact. He first filed the lawsuit in the summer of 2018.

The case was originally declared a mistrial this August. This was due to “cumulative errors by both the Court and counsel resulted in neither party receiving a fair trial”. The two parties have also been ordered into remediation but do not believe a settlement can be agreed upon.

Hearings for the case hit another snag this summer. The Tennessee courts closed to pay respect to the passing of Judge Pamela Reeves causing further delays.

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According to an update from PW Insider, Jarrett’s team has recently filed a motion for another trial.

“Plaintiffs Global Force Entertainment, Inc. and Jeffrey Jarrett respectfully request the Court set a date for re-trial,” reads Jarrett’s legal team’s filings. “Although the parties have a private mediation scheduled for November 3, 2020, Plaintiffs do not believe there is any realistic chance of settlement in this case without a settlement conference before a judicial officer given the parties’ positions on the likely outcomes (and causes of such outcomes) at re-trial.”