Wade Barrett Reveals The Match Which Could Tempt Him To Make In Ring Return


Wade Barrett wants to face an old friend for a return match

The recent NXT return of Wade Barrett as a commentator has made fans wonder about a possible in-ring return for the former wrestler and the WWE star himself has not declined the possibility.

During his recent interview with DigitalSpy, the former Nexus leader talked about a number of things and revealed the match which can tempt him to return to the squared circle.

Barrett first mentioned how he never won the WWE championship during his original run with the company. He then talked about the current champion Drew McIntyre holding the title and claimed that the opportunity to take the belt off McIntyre could tempt him to return for a match or two:

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“The only thing I didn’t achieve in WWE that I always wanted to achieve was to become the WWE Champion, and that title is now held by an old friend of mine, Drew McIntyre. So taking him on for that title is something that certainly might tempt me back for a match or two.”

Though while continuing, the former champion expressed that even if he makes a comeback, his return wouldn’t be for a long run and according to Wade Barrett, if he returned, then he would be chasing the sunset of his career:

“In truth, if I was to come back as a full-time in-ring guy, I really would be chasing the sunset of my career. I don’t think there’s that many more years left in me,”

Apart from this, Wade Barrett talked about things like his love for music, the possibility of a UK PPV and more. You can check out his full interview at this link.