Brodie Lee Opens Up About His Dog Collar Match, Being ‘Terrified’ Of Promos


Dark Order's Mr. Brodie Lee has opened up about his Dog Collar matchup against Cody and how he used to be "terrified" of promo time.

Dark Order’s Mr. Brodie Lee has reflected on his recent Dog Collar matchup against Cody. Lee opened up about their bout during a recent episode of AEW‘s official podcast, Unrestricted.

Lee confessed how his favorite match of all time is the Dog Collar match between Roddy Piper and Greg Valentine. He added how he had originally pitched the idea of a Dog Collar match between himself and Cody as a joke.

“[…] when discussion of what should the big match be that we do, I almost jokingly threw out, ‘let’s do a Dog Collar Match.’ And everyone goes, ‘yeah, that’s a great idea.’ And I was like, ‘oh my God,’ so then the day of, they say, ‘hey, Valentine’s coming and he wants to talk to you.’ It was unreal.”

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Lee shared how Valentine pulled them both aside and praised them for the bout after the match had concluded. He admitted that he has yet to rewatch the match and has only seen clips, revealing that he wants to “leave it as it is” because of how special it is to him.

Brodie Lee On Being “Terrified” Of Promo Time

Brodie Lee also opened up about how he’s been afforded creative freedoms delivering his promos in AEW. He revealed how the promo where he challenged Cody to the Dog Collar match was improvised without the need of a script.

This positive promo experience has led Lee to discover a renewed passion for mic time. Whereas he was once “terrified” of promo time, Lee explained how he now craves it.

“[…] I want that 10-minute promo. I crave it. It hit and it feels good,” Lee stated. “I don’t know the exact moment, but I feel like that promo with Cody and then the BTE leading up to that was kind of the turning point to where we are now.”

Brodie Lee was unable to retain the TNT Championship after Cody won their Dog Collar match.