Bruce Prichard Discusses Eddie Guerrero’s WWE Release In 2001


Bruce Prichard says it was probably the best thing for Eddie Guerrero at the time

Eddie Guerrero was one of the biggest Mexican stars WWE has ever seen. He captured multiple championships and won fans over around the world.

However, he faced some roadblocks in the early stages of his career and the former champion was even fired from the promotion after getting arrested for drunk driving in November 2001.

Bruce Prichard talked about Eddie on the latest episode of his Something To Wrestle With podcast. Discussing this incident, the WWE star said that it was the time when their relationship started getting closer:

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“This is kind of where our relationship just started to get closer, and where Eddie started opening up to people a little bit more because Eddie realized he needed help, and that’s the first step.”

Prichard went on to say that he was trying to help Guerrero at the time but the WWE release was probably warranted because Eddie needed to have ramifications to realise the need for change. Bruce Prichard also revealed who handled Eddie’s release:

“I believe, at this time, it was pretty much handled by JR and he got the news it’s time to move on, hopefully we can do something with you down the line.'”

Eddie Guerrero returned to WWE in April 2002 and he went on to have a great run with many memorable moments before his death in November 2005.