Ryback Talks Paige’s Ongoing Twitch Battle with WWE


The Big Guy discusses the ongoing issues between Paige and WWE

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently discussed the ongoing Twitch ‘battle’ between WWE and Paige. Saraya (Paige) has been vocal about the recent third party ban that WWE has imposed on Superstars, meaning that they could no longer use the likes of Twitch and Cameo.

Ryback would discuss how Paige is in a ‘strong position’ with her recent claims that she would not be letting WWE take her Twitch channel. “I feel for Paige, I hope she doesn’t sign over to them (WWE). She actually is in a really strong position, I don’t even know if she realizes she is, but she should continue to speak up.”

Ryback on Paige

“It will only garner her more attention” Ryback would continue. “It will gain her more of a following over there. She already has an amazing following on Twitch. I can say firsthand being over there when I created the Ryback Rules account. And having now done a little bit of gaming and stuff? It’s a great community over there, like it’s a lot of fun.”

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Ryback has been outspoken regarding WWE and their ‘independent contractor’ claims regarding talent ever since he left the company. “I completely understand what she’s (Paige) talking about. I sympathize with her because I understand, I had the same thing. I’d lost wrestling and had to walk away with the injuries. Granted, I’ve been lucky enough and blessed enough to be able to come back.”

Ryback then discussed Paige using her Twitch channel to ‘fill the void’ that was left as she could not longer wrestle. “She’s not at that point [of returning to the ring], and it’s very lonely. It’s a sucky feeling, and then watching and being young still and knowing ‘this isn’t my life is anymore?’ This was her outlet for right now, and I feel for her on that.”

Do you agree with Ryback? Do you think that Paige will see repercussions from WWE for continuing to stream on her Twitch channel? Let us know in the comments