Arn Anderson Discusses If He Watches IMPACT Wrestling


The Enforcer discusses how he wants AEW to be different to everywhere else

AEW on screen coach and former WWE agent Arn Anderson recently discussed IMPACT Wrestling and other promotions outside of AEW.

AEW and IMPACT have now developed a working relationship that has seen AEW Champion Kenny Omega already appear on the AXS TV IMPACT programme. Anderson would however reveal on the ARN podcast this week that he doesn’t watch wrestling outside of what happens in AEW.

Arn Anderson on AEW ‘Being Different’

“I don’t watch a lot of wrestling” Arn Anderson began. “When I’m off? I try to concentrate on just our [AEW] product, on our product alone, without getting so many outside influences. Because we want to be different in AEW, we want to be different than everybody else.”

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Anderson would elaborate further, saying how he wants to impart knowledge to talent but not in a way that belies their own personality. “I want to hand my stuff to the right guy, to where it enhances his character. I don’t want it to be ‘well, all that’s Arn Anderson’s influence on the guy’ you know? It should be things that help them without being so obvious that is something that I showed him.”

Anderson would finish by re-iterating that he doesn’t watch much pro wrestling outside of the AEW bubble. However Arn would state that he believes IMPACT have some really talented individuals. “So, I don’t watch a lot of wrestling I’m sorry to say. I’m sure they’ve [IMPACT] got some tremendous talent working there.”

Are there any IMPACT talents you’d like to see Arn Anderson’s talent Cody Rhodes face? Let us know in the comments