Update On Vice’s Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3


Here's the latest

Vice has announced that there will be a third season of “Dark Side of the Ring” and interviews are currently being conducted for topics that will be featured on future episodes.

Pwinsider.com reports that the crew was in Philadelphia on Friday to do interviews at the 2300 Arena. It was also noted that Game Changer Wrestling’s Nick Gage will be the focus of an episode in season three.

Cage made a name for himself as a pro wrestler who was convicted of robbing a bank and served time for it but came back to pro wrestling after getting out of prison to become a deathmatch brawler on the independent scene. 

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Per the report, the production team did do research for an episode that was done for a possible episode on Atsushi Onita’s FMW promotion in Japan although that topic for the third season has yet to be confirmed. 

The media outlet has previously reported that the producers have filmed material for the following topics: 

  • Brian Pillman
  • The WCW-New Japan event in North Korea.  
  • The Smith family – Grizzly Smith and his children, Jake Roberts, Sam Houston and Rockin’ Robin.

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