Backstage News On The Current Creative Flow In WWE, Bruce Prichard’s Position


Latest backstage news on the creative flow within the company

Bruce Prichard has become one of the most powerful people backstage in WWE after the removal of Paul Heyman from the creative team, according to latest reports.

According to reports from PWinsider, the current creative direction of the company falls under the Chairman Of The Boards Vince McMahon and Executive Director Bruce Prichard.

This makes the former WWE manager an important figure backstage and some people have even described him as the ‘most powerful person’ in the company right now after the members of the McMahon family.

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Everything is said to be flowing through Prichard when it comes to the creative recently and the former Brother Love’s word is said to be “very much the gospel” for Mr McMahon.

Though this power also seems to have its side effects as the report says that Bruce Prichard’s position has led to a lot of frustration and heat towards him among wrestlers, at least privately.

Bruce Prichard returned to WWE in 2018. He took over the duties of the Executive Director of SmackDown in October last year, after the departure of Eric Bischoff.

Following Paul Heyman’s removal as the head of Raw’s creative team in June this year, it was reported that Bruce Prichard will be leading the creative teams for both the brands, making him one of the most powerful persons in the company.