Brodie Lee Tributes Reportedly Taped Before Raw


There is no word yet on where the company intends to use them

Several wrestling personalities had called out WWE after this week’s Raw for only paying tribute to Brodie Lee through an opening graphic but it appears that it’s not all the company will be doing.

According to reports from PWInsider, WWE taped some tributes to the former champion prior to the airing of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

While it’s not known where the company intends to use the footage, the report at least confirms that the tribute on Raw is not the only thing officials are planning.

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The most likely destination for the tributes to be used would be in a Network special about the former WWE star but it’s something that hasn’t been confirmed.

Brodie Lee fka Luke Harper passed away due to a lung ailment on December 26 and reports that have since come out have revealed that he had been hospitalised for the last two month.

Lee had been written off AEW TV after his dog collar match with Cody Rhodes on October 7 episode of Dynamite, though at the time, the plans were to bring him back after a few weeks of absence.

However, he started facing difficulties in completing his routine workout during his hiatus at home and the former WWE star was rushed to the hospital towards the end of October, after his lungs stopped working.