Court Bauer Teases A Wrestling ‘World War’ Is Brewing


MLW boss Court Bauer is teasing that a “world war” of sorts could be brewing that would have far reaching effects across the entire wrestling industry.

MLW worked with AAA earlier this year and recently announced a partnership with IWA Puerto Rico. In a tweet sent out on 11/28, Bauer teased that he just got off the phone with another major international promotion.

During a media call held earlier this week, Court Bauer teased that MLW is in talks with more than one promotion about working together. He mentioned a ‘world war’ brewing and says we should know more about this before the year is over.

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“In all seriousness, I think we all see a world war of sorts brewing,” said Bauer. “I can’t say anything right now but hope to be able to say a lot more before the end of the year. We’ll see.”

This news comes as AEW has established a working relationship with Impact Wrestling. Even WWE sounds more open to partnering with other promotions, the biggest indication yet that the landscape is shifting before our very eyes.