Eric Bischoff Reveals The One Thing He Hated About Triple H’s Character


Eric Bischoff claims Triple H never really wanted to be a heel

Eric Bischoff has stayed active in the wrestling business even after the folding of WCW and the former WCW President has worked backstage roles for different promotions, including a couple of runs with WWE.

His first run with the company came in the early 2000s, a time which many consider to be the peak of Triple H‘s in-ring career. On the latest episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, the former WCW official talked about Triple H‘s reign in detail.

During the interview, Eric Bischoff also revealed the one thing he hated about Triple H‘s character, calling him out for never changing his entrance:

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“So here is the infamous Triple H entrance that never changed, whether he was a heel or a babyface, I f–king hate it. I hate it. I mean, if you’re going to be a heel, damn it, be a heel! Don’t be a hero. Don’t come out there like someone doing a Marvel audition for the next Thor movie. If you’re a heel, you’re a heel. Jesus Christ.”

Bischoff continued the explanation saying that the reason Triple H never got heat from fans as a heel was because he never really wanted to be one:

“And you wonder why he never really got any heat, because he wasn’t really a heel, he didn’t want to be a heel. He’d wrestle like a heel. He would do the chicken s–t things that were requisite to be a heel within the body of a match, but the character would never change. He’s out there spitting his water, and oh my God.”

Though later in the interview, Eric Bischoff confirmed that he has no personal heat with the WWE Vice President and he is just having fun with the comments.