Titus O’Neil Donates More Than 100K To Charity


Titus O'Neil has donated more than $100,000 to charity.

Thaddeus Bullard, better known to wrestling fans as Titus O’Neil, is one of the most charitable people to ever be in the wrestling industry. Today is “Giving Tuesday,” held the Tuesday after American Thanksgiving every year. It is a day where people are encouraged to donate to charities rather than spend their money on Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.

Titus O’Neil and his Bullard Family Foundation have donated $127,500 to four different charities today.

A $100,000 donation was given to Metropolitan Ministries. This charity is based out of O’Neil’s hometown of Tampa Bay and helps at-risk populations and people experiencing homelessness in the region. The charity also provides meals for more than 40,000 families during the holiday season.

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10K was also donated to Florida Sheriff Youths Ranches. Another 10K donation was made to the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program from the University of Florida. Finally, O’Neil also donated $7500 to the MANNA FoodBank.

“I chose these four charities because their impact goes beyond just a donation. They invest in families so that they can change generations,” O’Neil said regarding the donations.  

Batista opted to post the following photo of him with Titus to help support the foundation:

Titus O’Neil’s inspiring story is available to read in book form. It can be purchased from Amazon here.