Arn Anderson Shares Wonderful Brodie Lee Story from WWE


The Enforcer talks about a special memory he has of Brodie Lee

Former WWE Agent and AEW on-screen Coach Arn Anderson recently appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast.

This week’s episode of Talk Is Jericho is dedicated to the life of Brodie Lee; with tributes being paid to the Dark Order leader across the podcast from many different names in AEW.

Arn Anderson himself would share a story about the family man that Jon Huber was before his untimely passing. “Many nights he would come out of the building after having either their dark match like on the last day of a loop or something” Arn would begin.

Arn Anderson on Brodie Lee

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“I’d be walking across the parking lot and some nights I would be heading to SmackDown and if he was on RAW? He [Brodie] would be heading home and I would go: ‘you got an early flight in the morning?’ He would go, ‘I’m driving.’ I’d go ‘how far is that?’ ‘Ah it’s about 490 [miles]’ he’d say.”

“I said ‘Jesus Christ Brodie! The flight that you got in the morning? You’ll probably get home about the same time'” Arn would continue. “He said ‘if I get the jump on it right now, I can have breakfast with the family.’ So he was going to drive 500 miles to get there two hours earlier, to have breakfast with his family. That’s who he was.”

Arn Anderson would finish by again paying tribute to the former Luke Harper. “That’s who he was, that’s what he’ll always be to me. He wasn’t being braggadocious about it or he didn’t have his chest out. He’d just rather sit in the car, all night and be home two hours early to get to be with his family.”

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