Big Show Still Open To Match With Shaquille O’Neal


Big Show is willing to do the match after all of these years

The Big Show has made it known that he’s still interested in a match against Shaquille O’Neal even though the chances of it happening might be decreasing every year that passes. 

This match has been talked about for years but never happened. While doing an interview with WWE UK, the former WWE Champion noted that facing Shaq at WrestleMania is his perfect scenario.

“Let’s see, in a perfect scenario at WrestleMania, it would be Big Show versus Shaquille O’Neal. That would be a perfect scenario because we never really got to make that happen. That’s one of those stones I’d like to get out of my shoe and settle that, who is the best big man of all time, period.”

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Talks of this possible match started in 2016 after Shaq and The Big Show teased a match at WrestleMania 33 in Arlington, Texas at AT&T Stadium. Plans were changed as Big Show ended up competing in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at the show. 

The two sides have given different stories about why it didn’t happen as Shaq has claimed that plans continued to change throughout talks while WWE made it seem that the NBA legend was never interested in doing the contest. 

Shaq has expressed interest in doing a match with Cody Rhodes in AEW.