Brodie Lee Jr. (-1) Confronts Marko Stunt On AEW Dark


AEW Dark this week featured -1 and other members of the Dark Order.

Brodie Lee Jr., also known as Dark Order member -1, has really been making an impact in AEW as of late. On this week’s AEW Dark, he confronted Marko Stunt and was involved in a tense pull-apart. -1 would later cut a promo on Luther and lead his Dark Order teammates to the ring as well.

Marko Stunt came to the ring as Excalibur explained on commentary that a heated rivalry between him and -1 has been building. Stunt was immediately interrupted by the Dark Order member who still hasn’t been alive for a full decade yet. -1 explained to Marko that when he’s older and the two of them wrestle, he’ll be much taller.

Later in the show, -1 cut a ruthless promo addressed to Luther.

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“You think you’re so smart because you got a stupid red ball on your head?” -1 said. “I know what I know because I have a brain, not a stupid red ball. You have a ball on your face… your face just looks stupid. And Dark Order will always beat you.”

Amazingly, Tony Khan would later reveal that -1 was coming up with his promos himself.

“Brodie wrote that promo himself. I asked him what he wanted to say about Marko, and he said all of that off the top of his head, it was incredible, I told him to please please go out and do that. -1 is really something,” Khan Tweeted.