Jim Ross Reveals Promise He Made To Brodie Lee Jr


Good Old JR discusses a promise he made to Brodie Lee Jr

AEW Commentator and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently discussed the passing of Brodie Lee on his Grilling Jr podcast.

Following on from what was of course a huge loss for pro wrestling, JR would discuss how the influence of his son Brodie Lee Jr was felt backstage. Jim Ross would say how the son of the Dark Order leader was beloved by those in the AEW locker room.

The podcast was filmed before the Brodie Lee memorial episode of AEW Dynamite. On the TNT programme Brodie Lee Jr would be given the TNT Championship and crowned as the belt’s lifetime Champion.

Jim Ross on Brodie Lee Jr

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“Brodie Jr? He’s become quite the beloved figure back in the locker room area” Jim Ross would state. “Everybody loves the little fart! He’s just personable as hell.”

“He looks a lot like his dad” JR would continue. “His eyes and his dad’s eyes? His eyes and his dad’s eyes are the same. He’s a cute little kid. I was with him on Sunday at the Jags game, we hugged and talked and I made him a deal.”

Jim Ross would then reveal the promise that he made to Brodie Lee Jr, with the son of Jon Huber hoping to become a professional wrestler himself down the line. “When he wrestles for his first World Title? I promised that I would announce that match” JR would reveal.

“That’s just me, and you know I wanted to make him happy. And he thought that was the coolest deal. So apparently his dad had been saying nice things about me and my work or whatever. And the little boy remembered it and thought that was pretty cool.”

Do you think that we’ll see Brodie Lee Jr in AEW one day? Are you enjoying Jim Ross‘ work in AEW? Let us know in the comments