Linda McMahon Run Organization Critisized For Ties To Capitol Hill Riot


Linda McMahon's organization has ties to the organizers of last week's march at Capitol Hill.

Linda McMahon’s America First Policies organization is being criticized in the media for its ties to the Capitol Hill riot last week. America First Policies is what some call a “Dark Money Group”. This means they do not have to disclose their donors or other financial information.

A recent article by CNBC’s Brian Schwartz, however, has uncovered ties between the McMahon-run organization and the organizers of last week’s events at the Capitol building.

“America First Policies, which is also a 501(c)(4) that does not disclose its donors, is chaired by Linda McMahon, a longtime Trump ally and former head of the Small Business Administration. The 2019 filing shows America First Policies ended up raising over $30 million,” Schwartz wrote.

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“Previous donors to Women for America First include America First Policies, a nonprofit chaired by Linda McMahon,” Schwartz also said.

America First Priorities are not required to disclose donation information. They did publicize in 2019, however, that they donated $25,000 to “Women for America First”. Schwartz notes this organization was largely responsible for organizing the events on Capitol Hill last week.

“The rally, officially known as the ‘March to Save America,’ was largely organized by a 501(c)(4) group known as Women for America First,” he wrote.

Women For America First Statement

The Women for America First website now points to a statement on the violence last week.

“We unequivocally denounce violence of any type and under any circumstances.”

“Unfortunately, for months the left and the mainstream media told the American people that violence was an acceptable political tool. They were wrong. It is not.”

Meanwhile, America First Priorities has not released a statement.