Tyson Kidd On What Would Be His Dream Retirement Match


Tyson Kidd reveals who would be his dream opponent for a retirement match

Tyson Kidd never got a proper closure to his in-ring career and a lot of fans believe that the former champion deserves a retirement match.

The WWE producer opened up about his current role with the company on his recent interview on the Angle podcast and revealed that he has also thought about a potential retirement match.

Kidd first mentioned how he had thought about competing in a match such as Royal Rumble porior to his retirement before putting the idea to rest. He then went on to reveal his dream retirement match:

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“In terms of an actual match, would it be me vs. Cesaro or me vs. Harry or me, Cesaro, and Harry in a match against The New Day? Right as I got hurt, I saw Jason Jordan and Chad Gable started hitting their strides and I thought of what great matches we could have. I think Gable is so good.”

Tyson Kidd suffered a neck injury during a dark match with Samoa Joe on Raw back in 2015 which turned out to be a career-ending blow for the former wrestler.

He has since taken a backstage role in WWE as a producer. Kidd has had a hand in producing many of the memorable women’s matches in recent times.