Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Briscoes Compare GCW To The Old-School Feel Of ECW

GCW has been making waves in the wrestling industry and The Briscoes have taken notice.

For years, Mark and Jay Briscoe have left their mark in Ring of Honor. After all, they have amassed 11 ROH World Tag Team Title reigns. Along the way, Jay was even able to capture the ROH World Championship twice. Don’t forget, The Briscoes also teamed with Bully Ray to win the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles.

The Briscoes are one of the most accomplished tag teams in the business and they’re bringing their talents to GCW. Speaking to the folks at, Jay said that he and Mark are gunning for Second Gear Crew’s GCW Tag Team Titles.

“We comin’. We coming’. We here to take the titles. We need to get strapped up, and that’s what we gonna do.”

The Briscoes will be challenging Second Gear Crew for the gold on Oct. 23. The title match will be a part of GCW’s War Ready event. The action will be held inside the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California.

Mark reminded fans that he and his brother are OGs of GCW. The two competed for the promotion when it was called JCW almost 20 years ago.

“What we do is tag team rasslin’. 21 years now, tag team rasslin’, tag team action baby. And GCW.. little known.. formerly known as JCW. You lookin’ at the former JCW Light Heavyweight Champion.. We was in Garfield, NJ back in 2002.. Shoot.. talkin’ bout their neighborhood.. shoot. I understand that, but we talkin’ bout the North East indies.”

Mark went on to say that GCW has been giving him ECW vibes.

“This is North East Indies, and I like how GCW get down. They got that flame ya know what I mean? That old ECW.. that flame.” 

GCW has gotten a slew of attention as of late. From Matt Cardona’s run as the “Deathmatch King,” to Jon Moxley‘s surprise title victory, and Minoru Suzuki’s appearance, GCW is about as red hot as you can be for a smaller promotion.

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