New AEW Show Coming To TBS’ YouTube Platform

Warner Bros Discovery’s upfronts gives the network a chance to show off their upcoming programming to advertisers. This may also be a big day for AEW, because Tony Khan’s company is very much involved in the situation. Although AEW didn’t get a focus during the upfronts, a new show was announced adjacent to the ceremony that may pique pro wrestling fans’ interest. 

It was previously reported that there is a pilot show in development for an AEW-related program, which could be announced later this week. This new show will not be a reality series, but further details are not available.

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There was no mention of a new AEW television show during the WBD Upfronts, but a new show for TBS’ YouTube channel was revealed. 

AEW and TBS have announced a new show called “Meal & A Match,” set to air on the TBS YouTube channel every Friday at 2 pm EST. The show will feature RJ City and Renee Paquette as hosts, with Eddie Kingston as the first guest. Paquette, who has long wanted to be involved in a food-related program, sees this as her entry point into the genre.

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AEW: Figure Fighters

AEW and TNT Sports have launched a new mobile game titled AEW: Figure Fighters. This game is free-to-play and features AEW’s roster. The game uses an autobattler format, allowing users to collect and level up their wrestlers.

AEW: Figure Fighters is now available in the United States. It can be downloaded on both the App Store and Google Play.

AEW’s Future With WBD

Reports indicate if WBD has lost the rights to the NBA to NBC, then they will want to reinvest that liquidity elsewhere by bolstering other avenues of programming. Warner Bros Discovery might reinvest its funds into AEW to maintain a strong position in cable rankings.

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AEW’s new deal with WBD is expected to remain confidential until this summer or early fall when all details will be made public. The exact end date of the current exclusivity media rights deal between AEW and WBD is unknown.

WBD is also interested in airing all AEW pay-per-view events on its MAX streaming service, a shift from its previous stance. They have had their eye on this prospect for a while, and talks have been ongoing to make that happen.

In the end, WBD knows that MAX is a huge cash cow for them. So, every decision they make will have MAX involved in the situation, which could also include AEW.

The WBD Upfronts are currently ongoing. So far, there has been no mention of a new AEW TV deal.