Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Jason Solomon is host of the “Solomonster Sounds Off” podcast, which drops every Sunday on TheSolomonster.com, Stitcher Radio and iTunes.
The Solomonster looks back at Sting's legendary career and why his WWE Hall of Fame induction is much deserved
The Solomonster returns to SEScoops.com with a look Shane McMahon's homecoming and why WWE should not split the roster again
SEScoops Hall of Famer The Solomonster is nominated for a 2013 Stitcher Award - find out how you can vote!
Solomonster is joined by Noah Mark and Bryan Blade for this special MONEY IN THE BANK prediction show, plus thoughts on The Wyatt Family debut, WrestleMania host cities and an announcement about the future of the Sound Off
Plus why Sting is NOT going to WWE, Ricardo Rodriguez suspended and what it may be for, live thoughts from TNA's BaseBrawl show in Brooklyn and how WCW really died for good 12 years ago this week
Short of turning him heel, can anything be done? Plus, what role would Benoit and Guerrero have in today's WWE or TNA if they were still alive, black WWE champions, Trevor Murdoch and more
Solomonster also reflects on Matt Osborne's death and how underrated the original Doink the Clown character was, bad ratings news for Daniel Bryan and an idea for what WWE could do with Cody Rhodes
Plus, Rey Mysterio goes under the knife again and why he shouldn't retire, three WWE superstars who could have been top names but weren't and why John Cena owes The Rock a big thank you
Solomonster also talks about why Kane is such an important part of the WWE roster, why it may be time for TNA to cut bait on Matt Morgan, and how should wrestling promotions handle fans who storm the ring?
Also Q&A on bringing War Games to Survivor Series, should WWE or TNA partner with a Japanese promotion, where is Evan Bourne, and banning Daniel Bryan's diving headbutt
Solomonster marks the 20th anniversary of the first (and best) King of the Ring PPV with a look back at all the events, the commentary of Art Donovan, how it nearly ruined Sheamus and should it be brought back to life?
Solomonster talks Cena vs. Bryan at Money in the Bank, Rampage Jackson's TNA arrival and a possible showdown with Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory and one NXT star's career may be in jeopardy
Daniel Bryan is the best performer in WWE today, so would you keep him babyface or turn him heel for a match with John Cena at Summerslam? Plus, the end is near for CM Punk and Paul Heyman and TNA one year later
Solomonster pitches an idea for Brock vs. Taker this summer -- plus, why Daniel Bryan is poised to be WWE's next big breakout star and why TNA should do the right thing and help Zema Ion
One reader is furious with the way The Game treated Axel on Raw -- plus, could WWE find it's next big Latin star in TNA, partnering Nexus and The Shield, and a fantastic visual depiction of The Plane Ride From Hell in 2002