Brodie Lee Talks Wanting To Face Kenny Omega In AEW

Kenny Omega vs Brodie Lee

AEW star and leader of the Dark Order Brodie Lee recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. The former WWE Superstar would discuss a litany of topics from his short time with the All Elite promotion, as well as leaving him WWE earlier this year.

One of the topics discussed with Brodie Lee was the level of talent in the AEW locker room. The now Exalted One will be challenging for the AEW Championship this weekend against Jon Moxley, another former WWE Superstar. Brodie Lee recently stole the belt from Moxley, and he is saying that the former ‘Lunatic Fringe’ will have to earn it back at AEW Double or Nothing.

Brodie Lee’s Wishlist

If Brodie Lee defeats Moxley he has a ton of potential opponents going forward, and the Exalted One gave his list of preferred names on the AEW roster. “The list is so long. A guy like Kenny Omega, probably? Darby Allin, Jungleboy, Cody Rhodes…the list is so wide so it’s hard to choose.

Lee would elaborate further, “even the Proud and Powerful, [Chris] Jericho all those guys in the Inner Circle. I don’t want to come off like ‘oh you know everybody’ but like literally almost everybody on the roster is a fun matchup to me, it’s all fresh, it’s all new.”

The Exalted One would finish by saying that Kenny Omega is at the top of the list, and that he could have a big time matchup with the ‘best bout machine.’ “A guy like Kenny Omega is probably at the top of the list, o have that crazy big time matchup.”

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