Chris Jericho Talks About His Backstage Role at AEW

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho (Photo: Scott Lesh)

Former AEW Champion Chris Jericho recently spoke to commentator Excalibur as part of the Talk Is Jericho weekly podcast. Jericho spoke to the masked man about founding PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerilla) as well as his stint thus far in the new upstart All Elite brand.

Chris Jericho’s Influence In AEW

The conversation would segue into Chris Jericho’s own backstage roles within the company. “I have a much bigger role in the shaping and creative of Dynamite than I ever did in WWE” Jericho began. “Not just for my own stuff, but everything. Production elements, music, light switches, vignettes and all that sort of stuff.”

“We have a whole group of people that are basically starting this from scratch, how do you do that?”

– Chris Jericho

Jericho would finish discussing how the AEW team as a whole has stepped up to the challenge of weekly live television and PPV. “We have a whole group of people that are basically starting this from scratch, how do you do that?” Jericho stated.

“Some things are going to be perfect. Other things are going to need stuff to work, you have to shape and work on it better. But I’ve really seen a difference from a whole crew that had never really experienced live TV yourself (Excalibur) included. Very few of us: Jim Ross, Cody Rhodes, Jericho, Dustin Rhodes, Jon Moxley dealt with it in WWE, [Also] Jake Hager. But most of us haven’t, so to see that come together so quickly, has been really cool to experience and be a part of it.”

There have been recent reports that indicate Jericho has held ‘talent meetings’ with regards to the in-ring product for AEW.

Back in December Jericho said the following on Konnan’s Keepin It 100 podcast:

“I called a team meeting…the lack of tags and normal tag team wrestling psychology drove me nuts. It’s sort of making excuses for The Lucha Brothers because tagging in and out, they’re lazy, they don’t care.”

Do you think that the in-ring and production elements of AEW have improved over the first few months? Let us know in the comments

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