Christian Cage: ‘I’m Not Sorry For Dead Father Comments, It’s Allowed Me To Stand Out’

Christan Cage won’t stop speaking his mind on AEW programming, especially when it comes to bringing up the deceased parents of others on the roster. 

Since turning heel in June 2022, Cage has transformed into a loathsome individual in AEW who often shocks fans with his promos. One of Cage’s most cutting lines sees him bring up an opponent’s deceased father. Those subject to this particular line from Cage include Jack Perry, Brian Pillman Jr. (now Lexis King), Wardlow, and Nick Wayne.

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On a recent edition of the Insight podcast, Cage spoke about his promos in AEW. When asked if he can believe the stuff he’s allowed to say, Cage revealed that he doesn’t consult with AEW management before he grabs the mic. 

“I’ve never told anybody what I’m going to say. I’ve never had it cleared with anybody. I’ve never asked anybody. I just go out there and do it. It’s one of those things.

Addressing his dead father comments, Cage reflected on how this line of attack has allowed him the chance to stick out on AEW’s massive roster.

“You have to be willing to go places others are unwilling to go to stand out, especially in this day and age. I saw an opportunity that I could jump on and I took it and I wrote it. Sometimes things happen and you’re not expecting to happen. I said one phrase and it turned into a wildfire and I just embraced it and ran with it. 

When asked if he felt any remorse, Cage made it clear he would not apologize for anything he’s said. With that in mind, fans of AEW can expect plenty more shocking comments, many about parents, to come from the Canadian veteran. 

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