Jesse Ventura Will Not Be Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Vice Presidential Running Mate

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced his running mate for American Vice President on March 26 and it will not be Jesse Ventura.

The pro wrestling legend along with New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers were reportedly on RFK Jr.’s short list to tag up with the Independent candidate in his 2024 Presidential campaign for the White House, but it actually ended up being neither celebrity.

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During a rally today in Oakland, CA Kennedy announced that his running mate would be attorney and entreprenur Nicole Shanahan. Shanahan, along with Kennedy, will be the youngest person running for the Vice Presidential office at the age of 38.

Jesse Ventura Broke New Ground As Governor Of Minnesota

Jesse Ventura made history when he became the governor of Minnesota in 1998 as he defeated both Democrats and Republicans to win the office. Serendipitously enough, Ventura put politics in a headlock at the same time pro wrestling did with pop culture.

Although not his running mate, Ventura has shown his past support for RFK Jr. in his Presidential candidacy. Ventura has always been a big proponent for a major third political party and has shown his appreciation for RFK’s independent run during a previous rally in Arizona.

“I always say Jack Kennedy was the greatest president of all in my lifetime,” he said. “And the reason I say that is because they let him serve the least amount. He didn’t even get one term. That’s why he’s the best, because they couldn’t let him go past, not even one term. Well, maybe it’s time to elect another Kennedy.”

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