Eric Bischoff’s Strictly Business Podcast Finishes After Two-Year Run, Tony Khan Responds

Strictly Business, the podcast hosted by WWE Hall of Famer & Jon Alba, has come to an abrupt end with its final episode airing this week. 

On Twitter, Alba shared the news about the podcast’s end. Alba was appreciative of being able to work for ‘Easy-E’ who will now be putting his effort into other endeavors. 

“Unfortunately, this week’s episode of Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff will be the last edition of the podcast. Eric’s schedule is loaded these days, and for good reasons, he’ll [be] putting his efforts into other endeavors. 

“I’m extremely grateful to have had a chance to share a platform with Eric for the past two years. We are 38 years apart, and have wildly different views of pro wrestling, storytelling, and even life. Yet I think that has been one of the most fascinating parts of our dynamic and never fails to make for engaging conversation. I have always said Eric is one of the greatest television performers in wrestling history, and doing this show has been one of the most exciting challenges of my career. He has made me a better broadcaster, helped open new professional doors for me, and has been extremely gracious to me personally. 

I hope you’ll join us this week as we bid farewell to the show! Thank you to the Ad Free Shows team as well for always making it featured programming and everything who has tuned in the past couple of years. Hopefully we’ve been “different than” the rest.”

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The Strictly Business Podcast

Bischoff launched Strictly Business in April 2022, providing his insight into the business of professional wrestling both past and present. The show is the second podcast as part of Ad Free Shows, as Bischoff also hosts the ’83 Weeks’ podcast. The name of that show comes from WCW’s 83-week winning streak in the Monday Night Wars before losing to WWE Raw. 

Tony Khan Responds 

On both his podcasts, Bischoff has never shied away from sharing his hot takes. The WWE Hall of Famer has often been highly critical of AEW and the machinations of AEW President Tony Khan. 

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In a tweet, Khan didn’t hide his feelings about the show coming to an end. The AEW President that it was wise for this “fraud” of a business podcast to end before AEW’s next media deal.