WWE Draft News: More Trades Expected Before May 6 Deadline

The WWE Draft is not over just yet, as trades are expected to be made in the coming days before the rosters are locked in. The 2024 WWE Draft took place on the April 26, SmackDown, and continued on the April 29, Raw with a total of 56 selections made across the televised and supplemental drafts. Many wrestling pundits and even legends such as The Undertaker have criticized the draft for the lack of significant changes, with the vast majority of Superstars remaining on the brand they were a part of prior to the draft. 

WWE went big with their draft coverage, which received added ‘buzz’ given the excitement surrounding the NFL draft. Things aren’t over just yet though as the new rosters don’t come into effect until next week. According to 2024 WWE Draft rule #6, “Rosters will go into effect on Monday, May 6, two days after Backlash France.” 

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That leaves several days for Raw and SmackDown to trade talent before the new rosters are locked in. In prior years, last-minute trades have significantly shaken up the Raw and SmackDown rosters, giving an added level of excitement to the ‘trade deadline’ that occurs over a week after the main draft. 

Late Shakeups

For example, Triple H was drafted to SmackDown in 2004 during the televised draft, but was moved back to Raw days later. Then-SmackDown GM revealed on the post-draft episode of the blue brand that he’d traded the Game for Booker T and the Dudley Boyz. Ironically, Angle became GM after his predecessor Paul Heyman was drafted to Raw. 

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These post-draft changes will give WWE time to evaluate their rosters and decide if certain talent would benefit on the show they were not drafted to instead. Fans will have to wait until May 6, before we have confirmation as to what the future holds for the rosters of Raw and SmackDown. 

Here are some wrestler reactions to the 2024 WWE Draft: